Lyrics Here by Rob W - List of changes
- Fix detection of Chrome in external lyrics popup.

- Suggest current video title (or song/artist) in the panel's search box for faster manual searches.
- Updated (title format changed).
- Updated (source format changed).
- Updated (source and title format changed).
- Remove (ownership changed).
- Chrome/Firefox/Opera: Suppress cookies in all lyrics requests.
- YouTube: Immediately update lyrics if the shown lyrics panel was opened and closed before.
- YouTube: Simplify video metadata detection logic.
- YouTube: Support song + artist detection in the latest Material Design layout.
- YouTube: Fix YouTube music video category detection.
- YouTube: Automatically use dark theme if theme is set to "Auto" and YouTube's dark theme is enabled.
- Correct parsing of search results from Google.
- Deezer: Support new UI.
- Drop support for legacy Opera extensions (oex format).
- Chrome: fix input dialogs at embedded options page to enable custom font size and search engines.

- Options page: Fix broken link at "Themes" guide ("site-specific preferences").
- Options page: Add a way to completely disable a search engine.
- Options page: Add dropzones to easily move sources to the top or bottom.
- Options page: Hide some unnecessary text when the extension is installed.
- Maxthon: Enable lyrics for YouTube, Spotify, Jango, AccuRadio, Deezer.
- Firefox: Prevent other extensions from blocking lyric finding requests.
- Firefox: Open options page in new tab to work around a bug that breaks drag and drop (1408756).
- Chrome 56+: show embedded options page at chrome://extensions.
- Chrome, Firefox, Opera: Add menu option at extension button to hide the in-page button.
- Fix song detection on music pages.
- YouTube: Avoid flickering of Lyrics Here button in full screen mode.
- Added Qwant as an optional default search engine (disabled by default).
- Added as a default search engine.
- Added as a default search engine.
- Added as a default search engine.
- Improve accuracy by skipping search providers that are known to return bad results for a source.
- Use https for Bing.
- Use instead of the deprecated
- Recognize obfuscated search results from Google.
- Safari, IE, Maxthon: Prevent extension-generated search queries from showing up in Yahoo's search history.
- Removed (lyrics no longer available).
- Updated (source format changed).
- Updated (title format changed).
- Updated (switch to https).
- Updated (search engine of site is broken).
- Updated (improve lyric page identification).
- New Lyrics sources:
  - K-pop / J-pop lyrics:

- Firefox: Convert to WebExtensions
- Firefox: Open lyrics in new window, via context menu at the extension toolbar button
  (see for more info).
- Firefox: Remove Lyrics Here UI from all pages when the add-on is disabled.
- Chrome/Opera/Firefox: Remember position and size of the pop-out window.
- YouTube: Quicker detection of new video (new layout).
- YouTube: Position Lyrics Here button below video (new layout).
- YouTube: Improve visibility of Lyrics Here button in fullscreen videos upon hover.
- Updated (accept lyrics from
- Updated (result format changed).
- Updated (URL changed).
- Updated (source format changed).

- New Lyrics sources:
  - Albanian lyrics:
- Updated (improved search query).
- Updated (process redirects to
- Chrome 60+ / Opera 47+: Ensure that the current site is recognized when the extension button is clicked.
- Chrome/Opera: Resume lyrics detection when a hidden tab is shown again (was broken since 3.13.1).
- Yandex music: support localized Yandex Music domains (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine).
- Options page: Fix miscalculation that caused the options page to be blank and unusable.

- YouTube: Ignore the "Listen ad-free with YouTube Red" phrase in artist + song detection (again).
- Pandora: Detect artist + song on new Pandora site.
- Firefox: Prepare for migration to WebExtensions (move settings to embedded WebExtension).
- YouTube: Switch to dark theme in fullscreen when theme is set to auto-detect (default).
- Revert z-index of lyrics panel when panel appears (avoids issue caused by TOtL extension).
- Add ability to move to the next highlighted line by left/right arrow keys.
- Updated (title and source format changed).
- Updated (ignore album overview pages).
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (use newreleasetoday instead of newreleasetuesday for searches).
- Updated (the .eu domain has expired).
- Updated (source format changed).
- Updated multiple sources to recognize lyrics pages with unexpected ? or # in the URL.
- Added DuckDuckGo as one of the default search engines.
- Added DuckDuckGo as lyrics source (search in all known sources using DuckDuckGo).
- Update Yahoo search result parser to recognize the new result format.
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Hungarian lyrics:
  - Various lyrics:
- Chrome/Opera: Fall back to in-tab requests when the background page is unreachable.
- Chrome: Display the translation box or icon above the lyrics (instead of below) when the
  "Google Translate Extension" shows the box or icon (only if that extension is installed).
- Drop Songza support (site has shut down).
- iHeartRadio: Fix song detection.
- Google Music: Show lyrics panel in music pages even if no song is playing.
- Allow the dark theme to quickly be toggled (see
- Dark theme: Darken the scrollbars when the dark theme is activated.
- Chrome/Opera: Improve dark theme coverage of the pop-out lyrics window.

- YouTube: Ignore the "Listen ad-free with YouTube Red" phrase in artist + song detection.
- Chrome/Opera: Display button to show original tab when a separate lyrics window is opened via
  the "Open new lyrics window (all tabs)" context menu option on the extension toolbar button.
- Chrome/Opera: Allow other extensions (e.g. Google Translate) to run in the separate Lyrics
  Here window.
- Chrome/Opera: Stop looking for songs when a tab is inactive and there is no separate window.
- 8tracks: Always show the tiny Lyrics Here button in a visible location when the panel is closed.
- Spotify: Recognize
- Qobuz: Support new site at
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Ex-Yugoslavia lyrics:
- Removed as a lyrics source (site has shut down).
- Updated (source format changed).
- Updated (source format and URL changed).
- Rename to
- Chrome/Opera: Fix bug in task scheduler for YouTube that was causing a memory leak.

- YouTube: Improve artist & song detection.
- YouTube: Detect videos on channels.
- YouTube: Recognize video pages with Material Design.
- Chrome/Opera: Open lyrics in new window, via context menu at the extension toolbar button
  (see for more info).

- Chrome / Opera: Follow redirects from lyrics sources.
- Recognize https URLs on and
- Intercept key press if the searchbox is focused (this allows the searchbox to function properly
  when e.g. the lyrics panel is activated in a fullscreen YouTube video).
- Fix Bing search result parser.
- Fix Yahoo search result parser.
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Ukrainian:
  - Touhou doujinsh: (visit the options page to enable it).
  - Argentine lyrics:
- Updated (include table content)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source and title format changed)
- Updated (source and URL format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (URL format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (moved from, source format changed)
- Updated (never use Yahoo or Bing in search)
- Updated (source and title format changed)
- Updated (source and title format changed)
- Add support for
- Deezer: Fix artist detection (page format changed).
- YouTube: Fix the button: Since the previous version, the panel would permanently be hidden after
  closing the panel and navigating to another YouTube page.
- 8tracks: Detect music pages even if the off-site player is used.
- Firefox: Package with jpm, e10s compatibility (dropped support for Firefox 37 and earlier).
- Safari: Add "Always use the latest version of Lyrics Here" preference to settings page.
- Chrome: Open options page in new tab to work around Chromium bug (

- YouTube: Never show the panel after a navigation if it was explicitly closed.
- YouTube: keep the panel if it was opened in a fullscreen non-music video.
- YouTube: Always hide the button on non-video pages.

- YouTube: Respect the "Automatically show lyrics" preference after a navigation.

- Added support for
- Detect song name on the new music page.
- Detect songs on every page on where a music player is shown.
- Jango: Works again on the new site (hurray, no framesets!).
- Google Music: Recognize song titles again.
- Works with the new UI again.
- Spotify: Improve detection of musical songs.
- Spotify: Change auto-detect theme to dark (visit settings if you prefer the light theme).
- Rdio: Drop support (because the site has been shut down).
- Xbox Music: Drop support (because the site has been shut down).
- YouTube: Improve positioning of button in full screen videos.
- YouTube: Detect video transitions in full screen mode.
- YouTube: Avoid panel flickering across navigations.
- Updated (force correct character encoding)
- Updated (source and title format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (title and source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)

- Chrome: Add new screenshot to explain how to enable lyrics for new sites (e.g. Deezer).
- Chrome: Do not hide the icon in the omnibox when it should not be hidden (e.g. on Spotify).
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)

- Chrome: Re-enable options page.

- Google Music: Recognize new material design UI.
- Chrome 42+ / Opera 29+: Make all requests anonymous (using fetch).
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (removed old website)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (new domain:
- Updated (title format changed)
- Grooveshark: Drop support (because the site has been shut down)
- Added support for (Pandora)
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Turkish:
  - Indonesian:
- Chrome/Opera: Reduce file size of extension.
- Deezer: Only show panel when a play button is visible (not on the landing page).
- SoundCloud: Fix automatic song detection.
- Chrome 43+: show embedded options page at chrome://extensions.
- Chrome: Proceed with finding lyrics if access to the lyrics source was granted in another tab.

- Added support for (Yandex Music)
- Added support for (Qobuz)
- Added support for (Songza)
- Added support for (SoundCloud)
- Added support for (Saavn)
- New Lyrics sources:
  - K-pop lyrics:
  - Electro / dance:
  - Korean lyrics:
  - Romanian:
  - Spanish:
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (recognize annotated lyrics)
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (enhance search query encoding)
- Grooveshark: Improve viewport calculation so that the previously saved panel position is always
  restored correctly.
- Grooveshark: Add support for
- Lyrics panel: Scroll panel to top when new lyrics are displayed (Firefox).
- Chrome: Fix detection of music sites after granting permissions.
  (previously, the settings only applied after reloading the extension)
- Chrome: Activate lyrics on a site without visiting the options page;
  Simply click on the button that shows up in the omnibox after installation.
- Safari: Renamed extension from "YouTube Lyrics" to "Lyrics Here".
- YouTube: Fix tag-based music video detection
  (lyrics were not automatically shown any more after an update by YouTube).
- YouTube: Also show the lyrics panel in full screen mode.
- YouTube: Show the Lyrics Here button at the player controls in full screen mode (HTML5).
- Remember visibility of the panel accross page loads (=auto-launch preference).
- Deezer: Fix automatic artist detection.
- Update Yahoo search result parser.

- YouTube, Spotify: Respect the "Automatically show lyrics" preference (bugfix).

- Updated (moved to, source format changed)
- Updated (omit trailing "[ ]" at end of lyrics)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (improve search filter)
- Updated and (use Google by default)
- Updated (do not use the mobile site)
- Updated (improve title extraction algorithm)
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Bulgarian lyrics:
  - Tamil lyrics:
  - Tamil lyrics:
  - Thai lyrics:
  - German/English/international lyrics:
- Add support for (iHeartRadio)
- Add support for
- Add support for
- Do not force links on the options page to be opened in a new tab.
- Updated,, (display movie name instead of singer names)
- Chrome: Gracefully degrade functionality when the extension runtime disappears, e.g. after an update).
          This means that the extension can still show lyrics without reloading the page after an update!
- Options: Add a way to completely disable a lyrics source.
- Userscript: Drop support for Opera's UserJS (use the Opera extension instead).
- Removed all comments and links to
- Fix Google search result parser (& -> &).
- Replace icon fonts with inline SVG for a consistent look.
- Show at most one blank line between lyric lines.
- YouTube: Insert tiny "Lyrics Here" button elsewhere to make sure that the icon is always rendered
  at the right of the video title.
- YouTube: Only show automatic lyrics for music videos.
- Remove all uses of (replaced with
- Add as one of the search engines.
- Distribute searches equally over the known search engines (one at a time).
- Chrome 36+: Simplified permission request dialog.
- Options (Chrome only): Add button to grant all optional permissions at once.
- Spotify: Only show lyrics panel after having logged in to Spotify.
- Prevent extension-generated search queries from showing up in Google's search history.
- Prevent extension-generated search queries from showing up in Bing's search history.
- Firefox 30+: Make all requests anonymous.
- Deezer: Support new layout.
- Jango: Make sure that the panel is only displayed within the visible main frame.
- Chrome: Add "Never" button to the permission request for non-search engine sources.
- Chrome: Add "Always" button to approve permissions for all lyrics sites at once.
- Chrome: Always check whether the extension is allowed to access a lyrics source before sending a request.
- Lyrics panel: Enlarge the resize handle upon hover to make resizing easier.
- Safari: support Xbox Music and Google Music (bugfix).

- Updated (title format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Removed (website has been taken down)

- Released Maxthon extension (Ultra mode only)
- Grooveshark: Show Lyrics Here button when lyrics are disabled by default (bugfix).
- Updated (replaced with Google)
- Updated (bugfix: invert logic of previous update)
- Updated (recognize movie lyrics)
- Internet Explorer 8 and 9: Fix bug in lyrics source selector.
- Opera 22: Work-around for bug DNA-20121 (YouTube video turns black)

- Added support for
- Added support for (Xbox Music)
- Added support for Google Music (aka Google Play Music)
- Deezer: Show scroll bars in content wrapper if needed.
- Deezer: Dock lyrics if panel is within 30px from the right (instead of 50px).
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Hindi movie song lyrics:
  - Hindi movie songs and albums:
  - Hindi song lyrics:
  - OST (original sound track: movies, games, musicals, etc.) and other songs:
  - Christian lyrics:
  - Czech lyrics:
  - Slovak lyrics:
- Updated parser of Bing's results (treat & as &).
- Options page: Hide advanced controls by default (they will be shown when the pointer is in the box).
- Options page: Put header before site-specific preferences, and link to it at #config.

- Fix position of Lyrics navigation bar to the top of the panel.
- Bugfix: Correctly reset the state of the search engine when you navigate to a different YouTube video.
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Malaysian / Indonesian / Nasyid lyrics:
- Fix fallback detection of artist + song name on YouTube after navigating from a channel to a video.
- Add support for
- Add support for
- Use instead of for better search results.
- Update source definition.
- Detect change of YouTube video when you re-activate YouTube (previously, a transition to a different
  video was not detected when the tab was inactive).

- Changed YouTube video title detection method (fallback), to deal with the wrongly
  reported title caused by YePpHa's "YouTube Center" script.
- Chrome: Close permission request dialog when the request is cancelled (Chrome 28-).
- Recognize video metadata on YouTube in the Latvian and Slovenian languages.
- Format special search characters (such as " and -) before using a search term in a search query.
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Punk, indie, hardcore, ska, ...:
  - Icelandic lyrics:
- From now on, the Firefox add-on (.xpi file) and Internet Explorer extension (.msi file) will be
  signed with a certificate from StartCom. Only trust the extensions that show my name ("Rob Wu")
  as publisher. If unsure, visit to get the latest
  version of the extension.
- Internet Explorer: Statically link against VC2010 runtime. The extension is stand-alone, there's
  no need for installing the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package any more.
- Firefox: Updated Addon-SDK. The extension file is much smaller, but not compatible with
  Firefox 20- any more.
- Bugfix: font size preference works again.
- Chrome: Inline permission request instead of a new dialog (requires Chrome 29+)
- Updated parser of Soso's search results (format changed).

- Renamed all extensions from "YouTube Lyrics by Rob W" to "Lyrics Here by Rob W"
- Changed all extension icons to "Lyrics Here"
- Updated parser of Bing's result for iPhone/iPad user agents.
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (source format changed)
- Updated (recognize OST)
- Extended LyricsSource with new properties for common source formats.
- New Lyrics sources:
  - Rap and rock lyrics:
  - Polish lyrics:
  - Anime / Japanese lyrics:
  - Asian / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / ... lyrics:
  - Dutch lyrics:
  - Greek lyrics:
- New Lyrics source type:
  - Search in ALL known sources using
  - Search in ALL known sources using
- Added parsers for search engines:
  - (used for
- Options page: Description of source sticks to the top when scrolled down.
- Options page: Remove save button (changes will be saved immediately).
- Chrome: Show permission request when a site is not accessible.
- Chrome: Improve performance in the detection of optional sites using the webNavigation API.
          This feature requires the "Access your tabs and browsing activity" permission,
          which will be requested if you enable one of the optional sites (e.g. Spotify, Jango).
- Added support for
- Additions to lyrics panel:
  - Highlight line on click to make it easier to keep up with the song.
  - Search within lyrics. This search box can be activated by double-clicking on the lyrics.
  - Updated a few colors in the dark theme.
  - Increased z-index to avoid being hidden by YouTube's top bar ("masthead-positioner").
- Internet explorer:
  - Implemented automatic updates (at most once a day). Updates are signed and transported over
    a secure connection (SSL), no data other than the current extension version is transferred to
    my server.
  - Several enhancements to improve the speed and stability of the extension.
  - Implemented a high-performance API for storing settings.
- Renamed Chrome extension to "Lyrics Here by Rob W" and changed icons
  to comply with the Chrome Web store's branding guidelines.
- Chromium: Fix for Ubuntu-specific builds of Chromium 29 (29.0.1547.65)

- Moved in-page lyric button on Grooveshark and Grooveshark Retro to the top bar.
- Resolved issue that caused the page action button to disappear in Chromium on Grooveshark.
- Firefox: Enable Lyrics in private browsing mode.

- Ignore result of Metrolyrics if it says "Unfortunately, we don't ..."
- Correctly parse Bing's search results on mobile user agents
- Corrected behavior for toggling the panel via open/close (bug was introduced in version 3.6.1)
- Updated definition of to recognize content from its mobile version.

- Show real search query when lyrics are not found (on YouTube)
- Support YouTube's pushState-based navigation.

- Added support for
- Stop dialog drag/resize when mouse is released outside the window.

- Internet Explorer installer: Enable installation of extension when UAC is enabled.
- Support Internet Explorer 11 and Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM).
- Improved support for Internet Explorer in 64-bit mode.

- New Lyrics sources:
  - French lyrics:
- Updated source:
  - ( ->
  - (handle inter-wiki redirects)
- Added new per-site preference: Font size
- Moved from to
- Fixed error on options page that prevented the Spotify setting from being accessible.
- Fixed bug: Don't break the buttons within the lyrics panel when all search queries fail.
- Added support for Opera 15+. The extension for Opera 12 and earlier will still be maintained.
- Chrome: Change the way that the theme menu is rendered.
          Caused by a bug in Chrome 27 (

- New Lyrics sources:
  - Spanish lyrics source:
  - Hebrew lyrics source:
  - Italian lyrics source:
- Added theme support for Spotify.
- Links for and point to the full site instead of the mobile version.
- Improved detection of lyrics from
- Improved search method on
- Corrected fatal error in (regression in 3.5.0).
- Added support for displaying RTL lyrics.
- Added support for YouTube's "One Channel" format.
- Added "Edit sources" below "Try Google" link when lyrics are not found.
- Unit tests: Full test coverage for all sources
- IE: Fixed bug in request handler

- Spotify Web Player is now supported!
  In Chrome, Lyrics for Spotify has to be enabled at the options page.
- Options: New preference: disable Lyrics extension for some site(s).
- Options: Removed "Remember position" preference; panel offsets are always saved.
- Lyrics sources for metal music:
- Fix appearance for right-to-left languages (such as Arabic).
- Auto-resize panel when toggling song info

- Improved icons.
- Options: Removed confirmation dialog when choosing to disable panel by default.
- Options: Center content on big screens.
- Options: Removed delay from rendering demo.
- Bugfix: Do not remove last lyrics line.
- Bugfix: Show Lyrics on YouTube channels.
- Bugfix: Allow enabling sources which were disabled by default.
- Bugfixes for IE8: Appearance (close button, hover)
- Support for touch devices
- Internet Explorer: Added support for aborting requests; updated icons
- Internet Explorer: Integrated version checking at options page, to make it easier to discover updates.

- All:
  * Added themes. The first theme is the "dark theme". Tested the looks with normal YouTube,
                  'Black YouTube by Panos' and 'Everplex YouTube Dark+Black theme'.
                  Tested with 'Grooveshark Dark V3'
  * Theme feature: Automatically adapt theme to main background.
  * Lyrics sources:
    - NEW: (Target users: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian)
    - NEW: (Target users: German)
    - Added tools and descriptions to aid in choosing the most fitting sources
  * Updated position/dimension saving feature: Positions and dimensions are saved separately.
- Chrome / IE: Replaced wmode option with an alternative high-performance solution
- Safari (for Mac): Removed wmode option (now, only Safari for Windows uses the wmode pref)

- All: 
  * Improved artist & song parsing algorithms
  * Added two Portuguese (Brazilian) sources (disabled by default, visit the options page to enable): and
- Options: Added new guide (screenshots)
- Site: Added screenshot gallery:

- All: Grooveshark's HTML5 and Retro site are also supported
- Safari: Improved preference access and storage.

- Chrome: Fix "No config-chrome" error at extension's options page
- Internet Explorer: Added iframe ad blocker for video pages
                     (these often contain flash ads which hurt performance and cover the panel)

- All:
  * Added Grooveshark support ! ! ! !
  * Added new source:
  * Clip text with ... when it does not fit in the title bar
  * Moved tiny 'YouTube Lyrics' button after the video title (formerly located at the upper-right corner)
- Chrome: Delegate ALL network requests to the background to hide the referral URL (privacy)
- Firefox/IE: Remember correct height
- Build tools: Pack Safari extension without Safari via command-line

- All:
  * Improvement: On resize of the window, the panel will always stay within the window
  * Opt-out preference: Remember panel's size and position when it's dragged elsewhere (YouTube)
  * Internal: Improved random ID generator to avoid conflicts between quickly dispatched messages.

- Chrome: Delegates requests to background page when the current page is served over a
          secure connection, to avoid console warnings about mixed content

- Chrome: Privatized attach/detach event propagation (no longer propagates on the document, but directly with the extension)
- Internet Explorer: Released extension
- All:
  * Preference to not automatically show the lyrics (added small button for non-Chrome browsers to show lyrics panel on demand)
  * Display lyrics below the user button when the user is logged in
  * Disabled extension at obviously non-video pages (eg /embed/)
  * Options/panel: Link to #config or #quick-guide does not contain the base URL if the current page is an options page
  * Panel: Fixed incorrect close tag (</a> -> </span>)
- Firefox 17- (and Internet Explorer 8): Acknowledged box-sizing + min-width/height bug, and applied a fix
- Internet Explorer 8 and 9: Fallback resource-safe HTML-to-DOM parser method
- Internet Explorer 8 and 9: Several polyfills to get the core extension to work
- Internet Explorer: Updated Drag and drop to get it to work in IE8, 9 and 10
- Internet Explorer: Effective non-breaking wmode=opaque (opt-in for IE8, opt-out for IE9/10, unnecessary for IE10 @ Windows 8)
- Options:
  * Removed suggestion for Opera UserJS (because the extension offers significantly better performance, because
    normal UserJS cannot perform cross-origin requests, and an intermediate CORS-proxy adds a slight (time) overhead)
  * Added Internet Explorer extension link and documentation
  * Internet Explorer 8: Fix for CSS opacity and gradients (using filter) and :checked
  * Internet Explorer 9: Fix for CSS gradients (using svg) and list numbering (IE9-only regression)
  * All: After resetting the preferences, the true defaults are shown (previously, sources would be shown as disabled even
         when their default status is "not disabled").
- Unit tests: Extended the tests for the toDOM method (detection of unwanted script execution)
- Internet Explorer: Written a BHO in C++ (no ATL or MFC) which provides an efficient and reliable way to load
                     content scripts. Also created a cross-platform (x86 and x64) installer using Wix which
                     allows for a quick and easy installation.
- Build script: Added a simple preprocessor which conditionally includes/excludes code using IFDEF_IE and IFNDEF_IE directives,
                so that versions for other browsers do not need to suffer from Internet Explorer's stupidity

- Opera: Non-minified options.js, included license notes for almond.js  (to comply with submission guidelines)

- All: Support for YouTube Feather -
- Userscript: Build script outputs non-minified (beautified) code
- Options page: Simplified #get-extension: added browser icons and moved above #config

- All:
  * Toggling using double-click restores its previous height, instead of expanding as much as possible.
  * Strips (...) and [...] from song/artist
  * Got rid of expando events and switched to addEventListener (SimpleTemplating).
- Safari: Recognizes wrong context immediately and does not throw "can't find variable: safari" error.
- Chrome:
  Added page action icon: Click to toggle the visibility of the panel.
- Design:
  * 256 and 128 icons for Opera and Safari
  * 19 and 38 icons for Chrome
  * Added box shadow to panel

- Firefox: Beautified code to make reviewing by AMO easier

- Firefox / Webkit: Added placeholder styles
- Opera: Build script generates non-minified code.
- Chrome: Corrected permission, leoslyrics ->

- All:
  * Cancel request on close of panel
- Options page: Fixed bug which prevented Opera from dragging the sources
- Released Opera extension
- Released Safari extension

- Userscript: Tested and designed for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
- Chrome: Extension

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